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Our Agency creates the perfect Digital Marketing Strategy and then using the RACE framework we automate your marketing, focusing on segmentation, lead capture and sales.

Mission Statement

To bridge the gap between unaffordable full scale digital marketing automation that companies do not need or are unable to manage and ineffective singular marketing services that don’t focus on lead capture and improving sales.  Our Agency is designed to integrate all areas of marketing to provide a reliable cost effective customer journey that delivers the greatest ROI for our clients.

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We use the RACE Digital Marketing Framework

Before you decide to promote your business through any digital marketing channel, it is crucial you have a strategy in place that can align your brand message and allow your digital channels to work together through every stage of the customer journey. Without such a strategy you cannot focus your marketing capabilities directly to your core customers therefore wasting much of your marketing budget.
By use of RACE (Reach, Act, Convert, Engage) we can find and segregate your customers into their various categories, analyse the correct marketing response and message for each category and engage directly with them using all forms of digital marketing. This way you are sending the correct message to the correct customers thereby maximising your digital marketing potential.


Grow your online audience by choosing one or more digital channel such as Social Media, SEO, PPC, Display Advertising or Video.


Encourage brand interactions and leads by improving the user journey, inbound marketing, landing page design and creating effective lead generation funnels.


Increase sales through optimisation, improving your path to purchase and refine your conversion funnels with A/B split testing.


Build customer loyalty and influence decisions by implementing specific email marketing that humanises your brand and satisfies and anticipates your customers needs and wants.

"We love working with Wizer Digital, they are very professional and care about our campaign."

− Charley Dong - Sales and Marketing Manager - NCP Limited

"They make a complicated subject seem easy and are a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend them"

− Karen - UK Marketing Director - World First Ltd

"We have worked with Wizer Digital for over 3 years and would recommend them to anyone."

− Alex Hellier - Logistics Manager - Absolute Music Ltd

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